2020 Spring/Summer trends

This season’s trends bring together everything fun and energetic about swimsuit season. With more of the colors that make us smile in the sunshine, the trends emerging from the runway are sure to make this a memorable summer. We look forward to seeing the variations of how buzz-worthy cuts deliver color as well. Let’s check out three of the hottest colors trends we will be seeing on the beaches and in the sand.



A long-time favorite since the day swimsuits saw the light of day, pink is the ultimate feminine symbol. From Barbie to the catwalk, pink is absolutely everywhere. Particularly, this season hot pink is definitely in. It is the color to reach for when a statement, a standout, a remark is to be made. Feeling great? Put on a pink suit. Feeling bold? Go for the pink. In addition to its pure femininity, pink is also being paired with bold accessories. Black, blue, or orange contrasts are a striking mix that’s popping up everywhere. Our Luanais a great option to capture this pink craze.



As popular as pink is, blue is right beside it as the next color of choice amongst women everywhere. An easier, breezier color, blue attracts a certain level of calmness that translates into cool confidence. Sky blue is a relaxing color that also stands out. It has the ability to attract attention while still remaining comfortable. Blue is a reliable color that can be worn by any body with any skin color. Its rise in popularity this season is an exciting welcome. Check out our Lagunafor a beautiful blue option.



A truly unique yet often overlooked color is saffron. This shade of yellow is deep and layered as it draws out the different undertones of even the fairest skin tones. By mixing it with other bold colors, it can create a look with impact. The color itself is confident and magnetic so pairing it with any other colors brings everything around it up to another level. One of our most popular suits that showcases this beautiful statement color is our Oceane.


Check out these colors and many other fashion forward trends found throughout our collections at Megliz Swimwear.

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