4 Ways to Upgrade Your Healthy Lifestyle



“Live a healthy lifestyle,” is probably one of the most commonly used yet awfully vague statements made. There are endless amounts of ways to be “healthy” and not all of them work for everyone. While diet and exercise are the obvious first two options, there are many other ways you can add some healthful options into your life that can benefit everything from your nose to your toes. Let’s explore some of the ways in which you can boost your lifestyle.


Eating Healthy

No, we’re not about to give you the latest kale salad recipe. Been there, done that, and we’re over it. We’ve seen the rise in uncommon yet quickly trendy food items including bone broth. Although it may not sound very appealing, this simple soup has major benefits including healing a leaky gut, improving joint health, reducing cellulite, boosting your immune system, and even helping you overcome food intolerances. If the broth is too extreme for you, get your hands on live probiotics or green superfood powder. Extremely helpful for everything from digestive function to weight gain prevention, these add-ons can help fill in the gaps of where your everyday diet may be lacking.



Take your vitamins! You heard your parents say it, and now we’re adding to it. Take your supplements! There are a large variety of supplements available now a days to meet nearly every need your body may be having. This is a great way to treat a discomfort before resorting to medicinal practices. Some of the most powerful supplements we suggest adding to your line up include Omega-3 fatty acids that help with inflammation, collagen that helps fight the signs of aging, vitamin D that helps balance your hormones, and vitamin B12 that helps address adrenal fatigue. Most adults are deficient in some or all of these so don’t think you won’t benefit from adding them even if you already lead a healthy lifestyle.


Go outside

“But I go to the gym, I don’t need any more exercise.” Getting outside is about way more than just burning calories while on a run. The benefits of leaving your air-conditioned home and breathing in fresh air are plentiful. The salt exposure from swimming in the ocean can have healing benefits for your skin, waking barefoot in the grass can expose you to beneficial bacteria, and getting some sun can help fill in your vitamin D deficiencies. It’s probably the easiest thing to add to your list, just go outside!


Get off the phone

This last item will definitely be the least popular one on our list. While in today’s society we live and breathe by the phone, it can also be harming us in the long run. Many new and emerging studies are showing the adverse effects of constant phone exposure. We know that releasing the device completely is probably too extreme for most people, but there are baby steps you can take in order to decrease the amount of direct contact you have with it. Text instead of calling, don’t keep the phone in your pocket, and use the speaker option when possible. In long run, you can be doing yourself a favor.


Now that living a “healthy lifestyle” is more possible than ever before, you can get right and feel right. Feeling great can lead to looking great and who doesn’t want to look great in a bikini! Check out the amazing variety of suits at today and start living that healthy life feeling great in your new pieces!

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