Get Summer Ready by Staying on Track Today

Stay Summer-Ready with These Simple Tricks

Summer has crept up on us! It’s almost time to get in our bikinis! Are YOU ready?! No need to worry, there’s plenty of ways in which you can stay on top of your game no matter what time of year it is! From quick mental changes to mapping out your goals and expectations, there’s something for every area of your life. Check out our tips on how to stay summer-ready!


Have a Plan

First and foremost, a plan is the first and most important step. Without a plan you have no direction and your good intentions can easily begin to slip. Having a plan with deadlines, goals, rewards, and plan B’s can help you lock in your focus on when and how you can reach where you’re trying to get to. Being detailed and specific helps keep things in line while helping you stay on track.


Set Goals

Within your overall plan, it’s crucial to include goals you’d like to reach. If not, there’s no end in sight and your efforts are random even if they are well done. A goal can help you strive toward something tangible. A goal can be a certain weight, a pair of jeans that don’t currently fit, or even the ability to run a mile. Whatever you wish to accomplish and are willing to work toward can be a great goal to set.


Make Swaps

While it’s a popular belief that “dieting” needs to include the complete elimination of anything fun to eat, it’s quickly being realized that that frame of mind does nothing but lead you down the path of destruction. By completely denying yourself of something you love you’re only created more of a desire for it. So instead, make a swap! Instead of something heavy, greasy, cheesy, or sugary, choose a lighter version of that item, a smaller piece, or a healthier substitute. Swapping it out helps satisfy the craving without killing your progress.


Wake Up Early

As they say, the early bird definitely does get the worm. The early morning hours are a great time to get the day started right and knock some things off your to-do list. Working out early in the morning sets up your day for success, a yoga class can help you find your calm, and an early run can get you feeling energized. Whether you’re busy with kids in the morning, have an early start time, or have a long commute, getting ahead of your schedule by waking up early can help you carve out some additional time.


Stay Positive

Probably the single most valuable trick you can put into play is one that takes little physical effort. Staying positive! Your mind is going to want to trick you into thinking your progress is too slow, it’s not enough, or this whole lifestyle just isn’t worth it. By staying positive, being patient, and being consistent, you can power through the tough days and knock out your goals in no time!


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