How To Keep Your Bikini Looking Beach-Ready For Longer

Every girl has her favorite swimsuit – or favorites, plural. These pieces are a major part of our wardrobe and are usually treated as a permanent staple. Now a days a good bikini is more important than the illusive LBD. As soon as the first ray of sunshine pokes out from behind the clouds and every day in the summer, we live in our bathing suits. They need to be taken care of so they can last through every pool party and every beach day.


Whether you have curated a collection already or are in the market to start a new one, there are many ways in which you can extend the life of your pieces. Let’s explore some of the simple ways you can handle your bikinis so they last and look great each and every time.


Wash Immediately

Whether you spend a day lounging on the beach or just dozing off on a towel in your backyard catching some rays, your suit is absorbing all your body oils, sweat, and outside particles. Tight fitting material that clings to your body will quickly take on anything your body gives off. As soon as you’re done in the sun, it’s important to wash it immediately. By removing any soiling, it will keep its crisp appearance for longer.


Hand Wash

The washing machine is a rough environment for a stringy, delicate little bikini. The cycles and spinning of the blades can quickly disfigure and stretch your items leaving them looking less than cute. Tossing your suits in with the wash could mean the difference between a good fit and needing a new piece so it’s best to always wash by hand. Using mild soap or detergent, gently scrub your suit until it’s fresh again.


Never Wring It Out

After you wash it by hand, the next suit-saving tip is to never wring it out. Since most bathing suits are made of spandex, the material will quickly lose shape if mishandled. Twisting and twirling it to remove the water can cause damage. Instead, wrap it in a towel, roll it up, and press on the towel firmly. This will remove the water and absorb it into the towel.


Dry Flat

Once you have pressed your suite into the towel as much as you could, the next step is to lay it flat to dry. By laying it flat it will preserve its shape. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight as this might cause it to fade faster than when you’re out roasting in the sun. Don’t be tempted to throw in the drier. The extreme heat wears down the fibers and causes not-so-cute side effects like a saggy bottom.


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