Setting Up a Picture Perfect Picnic

The sun is shining and the waves are splashing, beach weather is in full effect! Sunbathing, snorkeling, and surfing are great, but one of our favorite activities to do at the beach is a good ol’ fashion beach picnic.

A beach picnic has all the elements of a good time – food, fun, and friends. But at the beach, you get amazing views, fresh air, and a laidback atmosphere that only the beach can provide. With a few quick tips and things to remember, you too can plan for a perfect beach picnic. Let’s check out a few of our best ways to have the best beach picnic!

Ice Ice Baby

The beach is HOT! Duh. If your picnic is to involve anything that should be cold or served best chilled, you’re going to need ice. The tricky part is how to keep it from melting. Having a mixture of different types of ice is your best bet. Reusable freezer packs, block ice, and insulated coolers is the way to go. Aim to have a pound of ice per capacity of your cooler and pack it tightly. In between the ice, pack your food in the order of when it will be used so things that need to stay cooler stay packed longer.

Pro Tip: Freeze water bottles the night before so they act as ice until they melt and then can be used as a drink.

Be Our Guest

One of the most important parts of your beach picnic is your guests. While it’s not always easy to get an exact head count with friends dropping in and out of your picnic, having a ballpark figure can help you know how many mouths to feed. Sending out a quick text or email the night before can get you a rough estimate so you can plan accordingly. Ask if your guests will be bringing additional guests so you have a more exact count.

Pro Tip: Assume there will be more guests than you initially expect. It’s always better to have extra food than not enough.

Plan Your Meal

Having a plan in mind will help with food distribution and menu setup. Is your beach picnic an all-day affair? Will it be a short and sweet, sunset picnic? Whatever it is, plan on the amount of food you will need to have enough from start to finish. For an extended event, consider creating a fire source, grilling up protein (chicken, meat, seafood), or having various courses. For a smaller setup, grab-and-go deli sandwiches are always a crowd pleaser. Having the right amount of drinks is important as well. Always pack extra water even if you don’t intend to stay out all day.

Pro Tip: To avoid soggy subs, pack condiments separately from the breads, meats, and cheeses.

Don’t Eat The Sand

Unless you’re hosting toddlers in a sand box, no one should be eating the sand. At the beach though, the wind is in control so sand can easily get swept up and into your food. A few simple fixes include bringing a small folding table, umbrella or pop-up tent. These are great because they cover a larger area for sand protection. On a smaller scale, individual covers for your dishes and plates can prevent a gritty mouth full. Screens or mesh can work to block out any beach critters that crash your party as well.

Pro Tip: Bring a large beach blanket big enough to set your food in the middle and your guests on the edges.

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