Skin Soothing Solutions for When Your Glow Goes Overboard

We love the sun! Who doesn’t?! And with the summer months stretching out longer and hotter with every passing year, we’re getting more sun exposure than ever before. But even though we love our beach days and pool parties, the sun can quickly turn damaging. Luckily, there’s many easy ways to naturally nourish your skin before and after getting some rays. Let’s explore some of the ingredients you can put together right out of your very own fridge to make sure your glow doesn’t turn into uh-oh.


Oats and Buttermilk

Creamy and coating, buttermilk helps soothe and soften skin that can quickly become tough and dry with too much sun exposure. Add oats for an exfoliating rub as well. A tablespoon of each goes a long way.


Coconut water

For a refreshing new feel on tired, dull skin, incorporate coconut water to your routine. Helping improve softness and evening out skin tone, coconut water is gentle yet effective. Drinking it can also work wonders on you inside while you work on the outside.


Milk and Honey

Both milk and honey contain properties that help soothe skin that’s in need of some comfort. By lemon juice, the milk and honey act as the softening agent alongside an astringent of sorts. Almond oil can be a great addition to the mix as well.



Acting as a very powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric is a great option to use when searching for a solution to calm inflamed skin. Often, the sun, sweat, and even sunblock can come together to irritate and aggravate sensitive skin. By removing the underlying inflammation, your skin can quickly begin to feel and look better. Turmeric and milk can work great together for this mixture.


Sugar and Lemon

For that squeaky clean, fresh as a daisy feel, lemon juice and sugar is your best bet. The lemon works to cleanse and tone while the sugar works to scrub away dirt and other impurities found in your pores. Together they work as a tough scrub in a gentle cleanse.


Cucumber and Rose Water

Cucumber is known for its cooling properties so pairing it with the calming sensation of rose water makes for a perfect post-sun skin soother. Cucumber also works to hydrate the skin while rose water helps to heal.


Once you’ve raided your fridge for the perfect combination to offer your skin exactly what it needs, you’re ready to take on the summer. With your skin in good standing, it’s time to get the rest of you summer ready, and that means finding the perfect suit! We recommend that Oceaneand the Marinafor a beautifully unique look to match your amazing skin.

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