Spa Day Done Right

Let’s face it, whether there’s a pandemic circling the world, or you’ve had a rough week, we can always use a spa day. Sometimes it can be difficult to actually get to the spa though, so we’ve created the next best thing – a spa day at home! No need to make any appointments, get a babysitter, or take time off work. Everything you need is probably already in your bathroom catch-all drawer and the appointment starts on your time, not anyone else’s. So let’s go! Let’s get this spa day started!


Set the mood

First and foremost, it’s got to actually feel like a spa. Kids running around or your roommate blasting music just isn’t going to cut it. Close the door, ask for some “me time”, or create the space you need. Music, aroma therapy, and lighting can go a long way. Play your favorite relaxing playlist, light some candles, and hit that dimmer.


Pour yourself a drink

Enjoying a nice cup of whatever-you-like-to-drink is one of the simplest pleasures we can give ourselves. Often though, it gets cold, gets hot, or even gets spilled before we can enjoy it. Not this time! Make a warm cup of tea, sip that coffee you’ve been eyeing all day, or pour a glass of bubbly and actually take your time enjoying it.


Bubble bath

Once you’ve got the atmosphere set up, there’s no better way to unwind than in a steamy bubble bath. Drop in your favorite bath bomb, essential oils, or even some regular bubble bath solution you may have laying around. Whatever tickles your fancy is good enough for us!


Face mask

Skincare is as important as it is enjoyable. So now that you’ve carved out this time for yourself, slather on your favorite mask and get beautifying! Get rid of those wrinkles, hydrate, or layer your face in gold – it’s up to you! Pro tip: apply your face mask while still in the tub for the ultimate spa day duo.



What do you do once your spa day is complete? Go shopping of course! But we’ve made it even better. Instead of dealing with traffic, parking, and rude shoppers, shop on your terms! Visit and shop our beautiful collections without even having to leave the tub! What’s better than virtually perusing the racks? Doing it from your home spa! Pro tip: we suggest checking out the Ambrosia, Raylo, and the Andrina. You won’t be disappointed or skipped in line at the register.



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