Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

The face, shape, and size of each human head is completely different. We are all wonderfully, beautifully, and uniquely made. Twins, siblings, and even doppelgangers are all made to be one of a kind. Because we are all so original, different styles look totally unlike they look on you as they do on anyone else. This gives us an unlimited amount of options when it comes to what we wear! And nothing is more determined by your unique style than which pair of sunglasses looks best on you.


Sunglasses are part of the foundation of a great summer look. Pairing them correctly with the rest of your look is crucial to it being a summer hit or sad miss. They serve multiple purposes and vary by according to each activity. While they are often regarded as purely aesthetic, they offer important protection from the sun, wrinkles, and fine lines. No one wants to look older than they are, so let’s ward off those wrinkles while we look fierce in our sunnies!


Finding the right glasses for your face has a lot to do with knowing the shape and size of your face. A good fit is based primarily on striking the perfect combination of contrast and balance. Most sunglasses are usually round or square, with some random shapes sprinkled in between. By contrasting your face shape with the shape of the lenses, you create a cohesively balanced look. Let’s explore the four most-common face shapes and which glasses pair well with them.



A longer chin, higher cheekbones, and extended forehead usually create the oval face shape. Elegant and refined, this type is often very beautiful. For this shape, angular or squared lenses would look best. They help to break apart the long lines by adding horizontal lines.



A square-shaped face is often admired on a person because it creates a distinct jawline. On a man it presents a rugged and strong jaw while on a woman is creates a raw geometric beauty. Rounded lenses create a softer look on this angular look.



Soft and sweet, a rounded face gives the impression of innocence – like that of a child. Usually featuring fuller cheeks and a rounded chin, this shape is warm and welcoming. To contrast the roundness, structured squares and rectangles highlight this face best.


Triangle or Heart

Also referred to as diamond or strawberry shape, this face is truly distinct. Set apart by high bone structure up top and then a narrowing of the lips and chin, this look is often striking and memorable. Due to its uniqueness, nearly any shape of glasses can go well with it.


Other considerations

When choosing the right shape, it’s important to consider the size of the glasses, the accessories you match with your look, and the suit you plan to wear as well. Our pro tips include suggesting you fit your face with glasses that are about the same width as your cheekbones and shopping suits like our Cayenne, Aruba, and Marina for a look all your own.

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